Friday, 18 November 2011


Isan "Eastside is out NOW!

The vinyl is hand stamped (250 ltd) and the sleeves are home made, numbered and come with a free sticker.
1. Eastside- ISAN Original MIX
1. Simon Scott: remix
2. Taylor Deupree: remix
3. Steinbruchel: remix

Didital Download is available from late November 2011.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Shoegaze interview + Kesh presents Sonic pieces live!

Autistici 'Complex Tone Test' has been repressed and is available now:

Simon Scott, kesh label boss, talks about Eno, Slowdive and his solo material:

*November 29th = KESH Presents a Sonic Pieces label night> Erik K Skodvin, Simon Scott and Ryan Teague with Sonic Pieces DJ (from Berlin). Erik K Skodvin performs his first ever solo show to promote his debut album ' Flare'. Simon Scott plays acoustic material that is released on the lable that day. Ryan Teague performs material from his forthcoming solo album also released on Sonic Pieces.
The Unitarian Church, 5 Emmanual Road, Cambridge, CB1 1JW.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Saturday sound installation....and it's free!

So if you fancy an evenings worth for free music please come along and have a look/listen around 5pm @ Kings Place in Kings Cross London Town:

Go to for more live dates.

Friday, 11 December 2009

hey it's been a while...

2010 looks great: isan, monolyth & cobalt and more!

thanks for all your support...that is you if you have bothered to read this :)

we are going pro with morr music distribution next year so that means if you are on amazon, iTunes or Bleep we are there too.

don't forget to go check out miasmah, sonic pieces and also immune recordings for some quite nice releases too.



Friday, 10 October 2008

the story so far ::: :: :

so what the hell is kesh? we are a record label seeking out experimental and electronic music from any corner of the globe. i guess we are selfishly releasing music that we personally like and expect a few others to enjoy it too.

limited editions are a. essential as we don`t have time to make 60,000 handmade sleeves and b. most people are casual listeners so hate the kind of music we put out! cynical???? you know it`s true ...

so far:
mole harness "all your memories return at once"....originally released on float we put it back out there as it is a gem and needed to be rediscovered. SOLD OUT.
televise "volume three"....a collection of limited edition tracks that saw a metamorphosis from four piece rock band to a one man glitch/clicks orgy of electronic sound. Reviews mentioned Fennesz/Tim hecker but Satie, Eno and 12k make proper sense. 70 copies left (oct `08).

Saito Koji "Theme" only so our friends over at smallfish and norman weren`t able to get copies but released a download for all to enjoy. One day these tracks will probably get put onto cd......stunning long ambient sound washes from Japan. Basinski on the beach!

Lorenzo Senni "Early Works"...Italian graduate Lorenzo sent us a demo in 2007....Here it is in 2008 in stunning sleeve with a modern computer music flavour. think raster-noton style digital signal processing and manipulated guitars Kevin Shields would go live in a tent for :) Amazing: Released 13th October 2008 on limited edition 300 cds.

A televise remix album "from anywhere to anyone" popped out late summer and can be purchased still at smallfish, normanrecords, boomkat, p*dis if you are reading this in Japan and TonVendor over in the USA. Isan, Ulrich Schnauss, Sebastien roux and Library Tapes rework televise tunes and it is very good!

Coming soon...well lots in the pipeline but Taylor Deupree from 12K has mastered a various compilation called `88 TAPES. This is basically exploitation of a c90 cassette made back in 1998 by Simon Scott from televise (me actually)....sawako, greg davis, fourcolor, aus, moskitoo, orla wren, christopher bissonnette, mark templeton, random number, akira kosemura and aleteia all manipulate the source to create stunning new pieces of music. Out November 2008.

Adios for now but drop me a line if you want to send me music or listen to kesh at

Oh...and it is 6 x h in keshhhhhh.